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  • Rohan Woods School
    Age 2–Grade 6, co-ed
    Middle School students, grades 5 & 6, have specialty instructors in Science, Art, Music, PE and Spanish. 
  • Thomas Jefferson School
    Grades 7–12, co-ed
    Offering the best in college preparatory coursework, a nurturing community, and a truly diverse student population.
  • Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School
    K–Grade 8, co-ed
    A STEAM project at Mirowitz lead these students to build a bee hotel to attract pollinators to the school’s butterfly garden.
  • Crossroads College Prep
    Grades 7-12, co-ed
    Crossroads strives to be an exemplary and engaging learning community committed to justice and equity.
  • Logos School
    Grades 6-12, co-ed
    Strong academics, group & individualized therapy, parent involvement, 3:1 staff to student ratio, proven success.

The Independent School Difference

Independent Schools of St. Louis represents 43 of the area’s most highly acclaimed private schools offering college-prep coursework in a range of diverse curricula, extraordinary teachers and low student-to-teacher ratios. Our schools foster a lifelong love of learning and help prepare your child for what lies ahead. And that’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.
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