Substitute Teachers We Need You!

Our member schools are looking for kind and caring substitute teachers to ensure our students continue to thrive when teachers need to be out of the classroom. 

Subbing is a great opportunity for future teachers, accomplished professionals, career changers, stay-at-home parents, retirees, college students, part-time employees, and anyone who wants to make a difference!  

Our schools provide substitutes a flexible work schedule that you can tailor to your needs. This includes choosing the grade levels and subjects you'd like to teach, schools you want to work at, and more.

As a substitute, we know you possess many talents—versatility, flexibility, and selflessness, to name a few. Trust that you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction as you contribute to the success of the students and programs in our schools. 

Benefits of Substitute Teaching in an Independent School:

  • Work with highly motivated students who are engaged and eager to learn. 
  • Each of our member schools has a different mission, philosophy and approach to teaching. See a variety of instructional strategies and creative teaching in action!
  • Gain valuable experience that translates to other career opportunities. 
  • Support from hands-on administrators and dedicated faculty who care deeply about all students, not just the ones in their own classroom.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree OR three (3) or more years of teaching experience.

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