Westminster Christian Academy

The integration of the Christian faith with the study of the academic disciplines is the distinguishing characteristic of a Westminster Christian Academy education. In partnership with the Christian home and church, Westminster strives to help develop the Christian mind and character of students while providing them an unparalleled education in the context of a strong school community.

Teachers are dedicated to distinctive studies that provide an academically diverse student body with the highest-quality education – cultivating knowledge in the traditional liberal arts, interwoven with a Christian worldview, so that they leave with a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the world and are well prepared to be change agents in today’s culture.

The strong college preparatory program includes numerous AP and college credit courses, foreign languages, and electives in the practical and fine arts. Westminster is making the most of the possibilities presented by its Town & Country campus to lead the way in academics, athletics, and the arts in St. Louis. The newer facility has allowed for the creation of learning environments that provide for innovative ways of teaching and learning and promote community. Expanded opportunities in academics, including the establishment of a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program, have allowed students the ability to use every opportunity in their education to become more skilled and knowledgeable in the field.

Westminster recently became the first private school in Missouri to receive college credit certification by national STEM program provider Project Lead the Way. Furthermore, opportunities in the arts – many yielded by a theatre that lets our students shine on stage – and in athletics – such as state-of-the-art fields and facilities – are making it possible for all students to find their place and fulfill their deepest passions using their God-given gifts and talents, and are growing with each school year. In addition, guidance programs, including college and career counseling, are available at the upper and middle school levels and challenge students to not only learn but also apply key skills that they will carry with them into college and beyond in the professional world. 

Come visit our campus and explore the life-shaping value of a distinctly Christian education experience at Westminster Christian Academy.

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