The Waldorf School of St. Louis

Based on the insights of scientist and philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), Waldorf schools have developed into an international movement with over 3000 Waldorf schools and kindergartens in 70 different countries. The Waldorf School of St. Louis implements a learning method that meets the physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of the developing child. Since 1993, The Waldorf School of St. Louis has provided a balanced and well-rounded education by considering the “whole child” and integrating artistic activities, music, and movement into a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

At The Waldorf School of St. Louis, students learn from an early age to take part in their own learning process. One focus of the kindergarten years is imaginative play. Through play, students connect with the beauty and complexity of the world and learn sensitivity and hope. These early lessons lay the foundation for a rich academic experience that supports young men and women in realizing their full potential as students, people, and members of the human community.

Waldorf education, which is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of human development, offers children the opportunity to thrive through a challenging and stimulating academic program that is integrated with practical arts, fine art, and performing arts.

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