The St. Michael School of Clayton

At The St. Michael School of Clayton, we believe we must allow each child to develop a true passion for learning plus the creativity and flexibility to embrace and initiate change.

Rather than forcing the child into a rigid mold, we partner with students and parents to teach to the individual strengths of each child. Low student-teacher ratios allow teachers to focus on students’ individual learning styles. We offer the opportunity to work with our learning consultant, speech and language therapist, and occupational therapist to address more specific educational and developmental needs. 

The St. Michael School of Clayton provides rich experiences and intense learning with a thorough grounding in the fundamental skills - reading, writing and mathematics. Each child is led to see the value of applying these skills to acquire and articulate knowledge. The St. Michael School of Clayton program attaches great importance to spiritual and physical well being as well as community service and sustainability. Spanish and P.E are part of the daily curriculum. 

The St. Michael School of Clayton teaches to children of all faiths and all learning styles. Come see the Difference!


The St. Michael School of Clayton is a Reggio-inspired school with a loving and supportive learning environment.

The school, which is the primary outreach mission of the Church of St. Michael and St. George, is a spiritual seeking community. Students become problem solvers and creative thinkers who apply their learning. They are leaders who learn to care for others.

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