MAP St. Louis

MAP St. Louis provides adolescents with a Montessori learning environment that allows students to meet their full potential as they journey toward becoming creative, critically thinking, and socially conscious adults. Meaningful, place-based work allows students to develop as individuals and encourages commitment to the well-being of the community. MAP students study across the disciplines in direct connection with purposeful, on-site work, which allows them to build the lifelong desire for knowledge and understanding.

Montessori education is one of the oldest and most widely implemented in the world, and for the first time in the history of St. Louis City, adolescents are receiving this world-renowned education that provides an environment in which the whole student can transition seamlessly from childhood to adulthood. At MAP St. Louis, we respect and value each student's uniqueness and recognize the value that he or she brings to the community as a whole. 

From a foundational academic core of math, science, and the humanities, students venture beyond the walls of the classroom to discover and investigate concepts in real-world applications. These meaningful, hands-on experiences open the door for further student-led study and analysis. The combination of academic lessons with the experiential learning process allows students to internalize, to more thoroughly understand, the intellectual ideas they are exploring.

MAP students are young entrepreneurs, whose work includes planning and managing all aspects of ongoing microeconomic endeavors. The adolescent microeconomy works in tandem with students' academic studies, providing an immersive experience in business operation and financial management that prepares students to become contributing members of adult society. 

Students are given regular opportunities to experiment with and engage in a variety of artistic and physical expressions outlets, meeting the adolescent need for creativity and movement as students attempt to define themselves in relation to the world that surrounds them.

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