MAP St. Louis

Experience a learning community that inspires adolescents to develop a lifelong love of learning and maximizes their potential as they journey toward becoming creative, critically thinking, independent, and socially conscious adults.

MAP St. Louis is the premier Montessori middle and high school in St. Louis, and the only independent school in St. Louis to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

Our Foundations

MAP St. Louis was founded in 2016 to bring independent Montessori secondary education to St. Louis. Our approach is rooted in the holistic development of adolescents on their journey to adulthood, and our program prioritizes both the individual’s self-development and their evolution as a contributing member of society. Students engage across the secondary continuum in inquiry-driven, research-based, and globally-minded learning culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program as our high school capstone. Students at MAP St. Louis are offered unlimited opportunities to influence the trajectory of their program experience while pursuing their own interests and working collaboratively with peers, staff, and field experts.

Our Home

MAP St. Louis is intentionally situated in the heart of the vibrant Grand Center Arts District in St. Louis. Personal and professional opportunities for partnership abound on our campus’s neighborhood block, as well as in the nearby Cortex Innovation Community, the Delmar Maker District, and world-class museums, parks, and universities, presenting a wealth of resources for students to regularly engage in their creative and academic pursuits.

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to redefine secondary education through a Montessori lens by cultivating an adolescent microcosm rooted within the heart of a vibrant St. Louis neighborhood. We prioritize the holistic development of each student, guiding them on their individualized journey to achieve their full potential as actively engaged local and global citizens.

Our vision is rooted in the conviction that adolescents—in the context of a stimulating, rigorous, and supportive environment—can learn, work, and contribute in significant ways. With an emphasis on student agency and partnership with adults, we strive to maintain a community constituted of creative, critically-thinking, and socially-conscious individuals who will enter adulthood prepared to create lives of purpose, value, and joy.

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