Community School

Parents recognize in their children the gift of something great. For more than a century, Community School has been a place to let those gifts flourish in an environment of active, experiential learning. Seasoned faculty engage students with a challenging curriculum integrating academics, the arts, physical education and the interpersonal skills needed for talented young people to grow in confidence and experience. 

Community students are responsible, caring and vibrant people who learn how to work with and lead others. Community believes the world is to be explored, examined and enjoyed – both the physical world and the world of ideas. The expansive campus – with its woods, trails, pond, fields and light-filled classrooms – provides a perfect safe environment for this early exploration. 

Students learn to dig deep into subjects and examine them in detail. Parents value the security the secluded campus provides and the nurturing environment the teachers create. The school’s approach is deeply personal, sensitive to the individual child. The child-focused classrooms and challenging curriculum reach children whatever their level of readiness in innovative ways that stretch their abilities and cultivate continued development. This builds a lifelong love of learning that prepares students for success at the very best secondary schools. . . and in life. Community School also offers a half-day program for 3-year-olds to provide more options for parents of young children.

Open Houses

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