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Established in 1898 as a school for the children of Christian Scientists, Principia places a strong emphasis on growth of Christian character. Beginning in 2020-21, we are seeking opportunities to share our beliefs with the broader community who hunger for safe, challenging educational environments and who value spiritual growth and intentional character development. 

Principia gives all students from a wide range of faith backgrounds, as well, as those without a religious tradition, a place to grow in their understanding of their God-like nature, examine their lives, and let their lights shine. We are looking for families who are willing to actively support the core values of our School and who seek a school environment that mirrors the rich diversity of our world; the world our students now inhabit.

With a 120-year history, Principia offers a day school for students from preschool through grade 12 and a boarding program for students beginning in grade 7. Our 360-acre campus is located in Town and Country, Missouri, and offers a state-of-the-art educational classroom experience as well as outstanding athletic fields and over 100 acres of outdoor teaching space where classes focus on sustainability and exploring habitats of local plants and animals. 

Alongside educational excellence, Principia emphasizes ethics and magnifying the good in each other. Our approach to developing the whole man – the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and moral aspects of each student – is supported through a range of activities and opportunities from weekly inspirational chapels to community meetings addressing aspects of character to our one-to-one computing program, providing each student starting in grade 5 a chance to develop responsibility and tech skills. Our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have a House system offering numerous avenues to develop a sense of belonging and the courage to take on leadership roles.

Principia believes in the benefits of experiential travel and supports weeklong outdoor expeditions in the fall for the Upper School and weeklong trips for Middle School in the spring. In addition, Upper School offers optional service and curricular trips, such as service activities in the Dominican Republic and South Africa, Bible history in Israel and Greece, and advanced language study in Spain.

We seek students who are excited to learn, who give selflessly, who love God with all their heart, love their neighbor as themselves1, and are ready to lean into their education and break through limitations. We are actively seeking families who love good and are eager to develop in their children the desire “to think clearly, vigorously, fearlessly, tolerantly, unselfishly.” 2 We partner with families who are curious about fostering a love of God in all that they do and intentionally support their child’s academic and spiritual development at home.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!


1 Matthew 22:37-39

2 Principia Policy 6

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