Wilderness Adventures

Sessions: June 7-August 16, 2024

At Wilderness Adventures, we encourage our students to “Do Something Wild.” Whether getting ready to climb the next pitch in the Tetons, hitting the whitewater wave train in Costa Rica, or lacing up their boots for a day of backpacking in Alaska, WA offers programs across the globe where students can step outside the boundaries of their comfort zone and experience the growth that comes along with challenge.

We believe that a small group experience in the wilderness serves as a valuable catalyst for creating an inclusive environment where our students become more responsible, tolerant, kind, and self-confident individuals. We also believe that along with these skills comes a love and appreciation for the natural world that never fades.

But to “Do Something Wild” is more than just reaching a summit or sleeping under the stars for the first time. Wilderness Adventures students are asked to challenge themselves in ways they have never before experienced. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles, unplug from their devices, and learn to appreciate the unmasked beauty of the world right before their eyes.

But we can’t forget that Wilderness Adventures is also FUN! There will be countless smiles and jokes, skits and s’mores, belly laughs around the campfire, and stories that will last a lifetime.