Where There Be Dragons

Sessions: June 28-August 4, 2024

Founded in 1993, Dragons runs immersive & responsible travel programs in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and North America for students aged 14-22. Our 2, 4 & 6-week summer abroad programs give students the opportunity to travel with intention & create meaningful connections with people, places and cultures outside of their own. Dragons small group adventures are mentored by expert instructors and offer a wide variety of hands-on components such as homestay, language, and rugged travel. Each program is an original adventure where students gain valuable life skills to navigate their future with confidence. Our vision, ultimately, is to foster a more compassionate, just, and inclusive world. 

In Summer 2024, we're offering programs in the following locations: Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, Colorado, Senegal, Morocco, India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.