Vianney Summer Camps

Sessions: June 3-July 18, 2024

Our summer camp is designed to challenge boys entering grades 2 to 8 in the fall. Our faculty provide hands-on experiences in Chess, Coding & Design, Esports, Photo & Video, Physics, Robotics, Science, St. Louis History and Studio Art while our coaches bring their A Game in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Speed & Agility, Strength & Conditioning Track & Field, Volleyball and Wrestling. Our camps are about having fun and making friends while learning skills that prepare boys for high school and beyond.

Register by April 30 for the $20 early-bird discount listed per session; the second amount listed is the regular price.

6/3 to 6/6 M-Th 10 am-Noon 6th-8th
6/3 to 6/6 M-Th 1-3 pm 2nd-5th
Varsity Coach Dave Stewart played Division I and was a Missouri Class 5 Baseball Coach of the Year. The camp is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

6/24 to 6/27 M-Th 12:30-2:30 pm 6th-8th
Learn how to hit with Varsity Coach Dave Stewart. This camp focuses on batting fundamentals.

6/3-6/7 12:30-4:30 pm 5th-8th
6/10-6/14 8 am-Noon 5th-8th
6/17-6/21 9-11:30 am 3rd-4th
6/24-6/28 8 am-Noon 5th-8th
Attend one or more of the sessions with Varsity Coach Kevin Walsh, who has won 300+ games as a varsity coach. The focus is on developing a player’s individual skills in a fun and competitive environment. 

6/17 to 6/21 12:30-2:30 pm 5th-8th
Campers of all skill levels are welcome, even those new to chess. Learn tactics and basic strategies through a series of lessons and puzzles, culminating in a chess tournament.

6/3 to 6/6 M-Th 1-3 pm 6th-8th
From Web Design to Python, campers are introduced to basic coding and programming. Campers will create a basic website, improving its appearance and function. Campers will also develop a user-friendly program. 

6/24 to 6/28 10 am-Noon 6th-8th
6/24 to 6/28 1-3 pm 6th-8th
7/8 to 7/12 10 am-Noon 6th-8th
7/8 to 7/12 1-3 pm 6th-8th
Attend one or more sessions in the Esports center and dive into the fun and competitive world of Esports. Campers will learn and strategize with the same games the Vianney team plays. All equipment supplied.

6/10 to 6/13 M-Th 9-11 am 2nd-8th
Varsity Coach Chris Starkey hosts this camp to focus on skills and fundamentals. Campers will also learn the finer points of leadership and teamwork. 

6/17 to 6/20 12:30-3 pm 5th-8th
With more than two decades of lacrosse experience, Varsity Coach Jeff Benton and Coach Nate Stein emphasize both individual and team skills. Players should bring their own equipment. 

6/24 to 6/27 M-Th 9-11 am 6th-8th
From still photography to sports photography to video, campers will make ordinary images look extraordinary. All equipment supplied. 

Physics Fun
6/24 to 6/27 M-Th 9-11 am 6th-8th
Get ready for fun, hands-on science activities that test the laws of physics. Design, create, and test model cars and different types of rockets. See who can design the fastest car and highest-flying rocket.

6/10 to 6/13 M-Th 9-11 am 7th-8th
Immerse yourself in robotics using sensors, motor controllers, and programmable hardware to build a fully autonomous or driver-controlled robot. The pricing includes all hardware and software required.

6/10 to 6/13 M-Th Noon-2 pm 6th-8th
How do batteries work or fireworks get their color? Campers will conduct hands-on experiments to explore major scientific principles and theories. 

6/10 to 6/13 M-Th 11:30 am-1:30 pm 2nd-8th
7/15 to 7/18 M-Th 6-8 pm 2nd-8th
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Brian Haddock invites campers to attend one or both sessions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced soccer players.

6/3 to 6/6 M-Th 10:30 am-Noon 5th-8th
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Brian Haddock offers change-of-direction techniques, stride length, and body positioning to improve athleticism for all sports. 

6/3 to 6/7 12:30-3 pm 7th-8th
Explore the history of St. Louis. Campers take an in-depth look at the events that shaped our city and tour the neighborhoods they’ve impacted. Campers travel off campus; transportation and fees are included. 

6/10 to 6/13 M-Th 11:30 am-1 pm 6th-8th
Varsity Coach Chris Starkey is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Campers will learn how to safely and effectively weight train and other athletic movements. 

6/17 to 6/21 9-11 am 3rd-5th
6/17 to 6/21 Noon-2 pm 6th-8th
Explore your creativity with a week of different studio art projects. Develop skills in drawing, ceramics, and painting. All materials are supplied for you to create projects to take home.

6/10 to 6/14 9-11 am 3rd-8th
Varsity Coach Dan Didier invites runners, throwers and jumpers—anyone who wants to get into competitive shape. Campers will have their form recorded and analyzed for optimal conditioning.

7/15 to 7/18 M-Th 9-11 am 5th-8th
Varsity Coach Jillian Hoge hosts this camp for all levels of talent, guiding campers from basic to advanced skills.

6/3 to 6/7 12:30-2:30 pm 3rd-8th
Varsity Coach Dan Didier shares his decades of experience with the oldest sport in the world, using the folk-style technique for individual and team skills.