QBE European Adventure Sailing

Sessions: June 17-August 21, 2024

QBE Coming-of-Age Yachting Expeditions takes 15–18-year olds sailing along the magical coastlines of western France and the Channel Islands on fabulous classic boats. It's expert sailing instruction, jet fuel for teenage self confidence, and inspiration for winning college admission essays.

Itineraries include:

  • Historic sites
  • Museums
  • Local festivals
  • Cultural attractions

In 2023, we welcomed three impressive international crews, including expeditioners from the UK, France, the United States, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Poland, Greece, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, and New Zealand.

“As a parent l can say that my daughter’s three weeks with QBE in August 2023 [were] the single most remarkable experience of her life... To say that it was a sailing trip does not do justice to her ‘growing up’ experiences.” —M.B., Cork, Ireland

  • The language of instruction is English
  • Staff/student ratio 1:3
  • Safety record: impeccable
  • Trusted by families since 1992