Miriam Summer FUNdamentals

Sessions: June 10-July 26, 2024

Elevate your child's summer with Miriam! Registration for our 2024 academic and therapeutic summer camps is now open. Individualized instruction, research-based interventions, and certified/licensed professionals will ensure your child builds confidence and skills in reading, writing, speech or social/emotional development. Miriam School and Learning Center provides campers entering grades K-12 with fun opportunities to maintain or improve reading, writing, speech, and social/emotional skills in our specialty summer camps. 

June Session (3 Weeks)

Hidden Treasures
June 10-28, 2024 | No Camp June 19
Entering Grades K-8

Open up your mind and see what treasures nature hides in the jungle, our national parks, and other undeveloped land. You may find an extinct animal, a weird looking plant, or a gross bug that makes you shiver. Satisfying your curiosity is the best treasure ever!

July Session (3 Weeks)

Around the World in 15 Days
July 8-26, 2024
Entering Grades K-8

Take an imaginary ride on a magical hot air balloon to far-away and exotic lands. Explore and experience different cultures, foods, and historic sites of places you want to visit. Your five senses will be amazed. 

High School Social Camp (2 Weeks)

Circle of Friendship 
June 17-28, 2024 | No Camp June 19
Entering Grades 9-12

Friendship is a never-ending circle of reciprocal and positive interactions with peers. Learn creative ways to start and make lasting friendships with other high school students through fun camp activities and community-based outings held each Friday.