Fit Learning

Sessions: May 1-September 30, 2024

Fit Learning in Creve Coeur can get your child the accelerated learning help they need to be ready to start their new grade in the fall. Let us rapidly boost your student's scores on standardized tests so they can close the gap. 

Fit Learning has an over 20-year history of making transformational learning gains
with children of ALL ages and abilities, including gifted and talented and those with diagnoses such as dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, and slow processing speed. 

Your child will be assigned a one-on-one learning coach who approaches learning like a sport or video game with points, prizes, and lots of cheerleading. Kids truly enjoy attending Fit Learning because it is FUN, fast-paced, and there’s no homework. Fit Learning is the only precision teaching lab in St. Louis, using behavioral science, direct instruction, and curriculum-based measurement. Learners at Fit gain an average of 1-2 grade levels in just 40 hours. Plus, they benefit from improved self-confidence, critical thinking, agility, and focus – all of which position them for future success. 

Fit offers instruction in the areas of reading, expressive writing, math, spelling, penmanship, logic, and kindergarten readiness. There is also a program designed for homeschoolers.