EYC Summer Academy–Credit Recovery and Tutoring

Sessions: June 11-August 14, 2024

EYC Summer Academy is a great option for students who need to recover credits or build on skills and learn new ones. We offer personalized tutoring on-site or virtually for students of all ages with the help of certified teachers.

Earn and Recover Credits

If your middle or high school student needs to recover a grade, unit, or credit, or if they want to earn an Advanced Placement (AP) course for their school transcript, we have a full catalog of core and elective courses available.

  • Stay on track to graduation for making up credits
  • Earn an Advanced Placement (AP) for college readiness
  • Prepare for college, trade school or military standardized tests and get help with college applications and essays

Target and Fill Learning Gaps or Advance

If your K–12 student needs to fill in gaps or accelerate toward grade-level readiness with individualized learning paths will meet students where they are and propel them forward with instruction developed just for them, so they are better prepared to start the new school year in the fall.

  • Assess specific learning strengths, needs, and where students are ready to learn.
  • Follow a prescribed learning path that adapts in real time based on needs.
  • Students engage with certified teachers and tutors who will support and build their confidence all along the way.

Find a New Interest or Hobby

Your student can choose from a course catalog of over 300 rigorous and engaging courses such as STEM, Photography, Languages & More!

  • Engaging online content can be accessed from any computer with internet access.
  • Students learn at their pace and from the place that best suits them.
  • Students have a pacing guide to help keep them on track and state certified teachers will be available to help answer questions and keep them motivated.