Culver Summer Schools & Camps

Sessions: June 12-August 3, 2024

Culver Summer Schools & Camps has been making memories for children ages 7-17 for 115 years. Nestled next to Lake Maxinkuckee in northern Indiana, Culver hosts nearly 1,400 children from over 40 states and nearly 40 countries. Over 65 electives are offered on Culver's 1,800-acre campus including horseback riding, the possibility of earning a US Sailing certification through Culver’s sailing program, athletics, arts and crafts, fine arts, academics, nature courses, scouting, and aviation. This unique mix offers boys and girls the opportunity to forge new and valued friendships while growing as individuals in a six-week leadership camp environment.   

Junior Woodcraft Camp (June 12-15, 2024) is a four-day camp that runs as close to the 6-week experience as possible, revealing the fun and excitement of our day-to-day programs at Culver Woodcraft Camp. Junior Woodcrafters follow a similar structure complete with activity rotations, free swim, evening activities and leadership opportunities. Our 4-to-1 ratio provides the safety, leadership, and supervision younger campers deserve from a world-class camp program.

Woodcraft Camp (June 21-August 3, 2024) is a six-week, activity-based camp designed for youth ages 9 to 14. Woodcraft Camp offers more than 80 elective courses and activities that help campers gain independence, develop leadership skills, and increase self-confidence while discovering new interests, making friends, and having fun. Campers live in A-frame cabins with 12 Woodcrafters and a cabin counselor. 

Upper School (June 21-August 3, 2024) is a six-week leadership development program for youth ages 14 to 17 which utilizes a military organizational structure designed to instill followership, then leadership, throughout three summers. Upper School is comprised of the Culver Summer Naval School, Summer School of Horsemanship, Summer School of Aviation, and the Girls School. Boys select one of the following Schools and are enrolled in the respective double-class period courses for the duration of the summer. The Summer School for Girls does not require a specific concentration. All girls are encouraged to sign up for sailing, horsemanship, and/or aviation classes if they'd like! All Upper School students follow a schedule with a healthy mix of classes, including a one-period leadership course, activities, intramural competitions, social time, and more.