Camps Towering Pines for Boys & Woodland for Girls

Sessions: June 22-August 4, 2024

Brother & sister summer camps Towering Pines & Woodland create a community that fosters personal growth through purposeful activities. Outdoors in the place to be! We believe that being totally unplugged allows you to be fully connected, that childhood play is the practice ground for solidifying the unique person you are and given the gift of time to grow in this way you experience challenges as opportunities. Towering Pines/Woodland is a place where YOU are important. Away from home . . . but secure with camp friends.

The program provides a wide variety of individual and team sports that appeal to a mix of interests and personalities. Choose the activities YOU want to do and we'll make it happen every day. Play hard on the courts, saddle up at the barn, catch a wave on your skis, fill the wind in your sails, navigate the trails on your bike, steady your aim on target, build a character on stage, create a unique piece of art and end your day hanging out around a campfire with your friends. Plan to do it all this summer at camp!

Towering Pines & Woodland are located in northern Wisconsin lake country and have been owned and operated by the Jordan Family of educators for over 75 years, Up to 80 children per camp ages 7-17 call TP/Woodland home each summer. Our staff are screened, trained and hired for their ability to care for and inspire our campers to excel in skill development and group relationships. Accredited by the American Camp Association for industry best practices assures safety is a top priority.