Camp Tanuga

Sessions: June 19-August 3, 2024

Founded in 1952, Camp Tanuga is the summer home to 150 children ages 6-15, and 75 staff members 18-40!

We are a residential summer program located in Northern Michigan! 

Campers are from Detroit suburbs as well as CA, MO, CO, FL, TX, HI, NM. Staff members are from all over the US, UK, MX, AUS, IR etc. 

Traditional camp values, along with excellent facilities, Tanuga seeks to provide fun & exciting programs.

Through land and water activities, camping trips, evening programs, low & high ropes course, trapeze, and much more, campers come away with life long memories!
Our nurturing staff are flexible, and willing to help facilitate a friendly and courteous cabin and camp environment.

A primary goal each summer is for campers to build new and lasting friendships, inclusion, develop self-reliance, self-esteem, a break from electronics and create what is known here as the "Tanuga Magic"

Session range from 10 days - 6.5 weeks.

Call us today for special pricing and reduced tuition for first time camper!