Camp Kamaji for Girls

June 17-August 10, 2024

Camp Kamaji for Girls – Be Who You Are Without The Noise

Kamaji is a safe, happy, fun-filled place for campers to unplug, try new activities, learn new skills, be silly and goofy, develop a true sense of self, be deliriously happy and make lifelong friendships with both campers and staff. Activities include sailing, horseback riding, water skiing, paddle boarding, wake surfing, climbing, archery, full arts village, dance, drama & theater, swimming, fishing….and that’s only the beginning!

At Kamaji, courage is celebrated. We encourage girls to come to our camp without knowing anyone else here; that takes courage. While at Kamaji, campers are encouraged to try activities they have never done before and to challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort-zone in order to grow, learn, and develop their own independence. This takes courage they might not know they have (yet!) and is extremely empowering!

We recognize our campers for their individual accomplishments and efforts. If a camper wants to wear red cowboy boots every day around camp, she becomes a camp icon. If a camper stands up on stage during the Variety Show to sing a solo and gets stagefright, the campers in the audience sing along to encourage her. We recognize the courage and strength it takes to put yourself out there to go to a new place, meet new people and be true to who you are.

Camp Kamaji is an incredible place that will inevitably help shape the confident, kind, strong, and brave daughter you already have- and while unplugged! Join us for Summer 2024 at Kamaji!