Camp Chippewa for Boys

Sessions: June 15-August 8, 2024

Never before have kids needed camp more.

A summer at Camp Chippewa is a chance to disconnect, and more importantly, reconnect.

Campers spend the summer building friendships face-to-face. They are physically active every day in a beautiful wilderness setting. They learn lifelong skills and make deeper connections with people and nature. They exist in a community that is safe, nurturing, and screen-free. Enrollment is limited, and Camp Chippewa will always be a place where everyone knows your name.

Our staff takes counseling beyond supervision and activity instruction. They are trained to build secure connections with campers, help them navigate homesickness, and foster the development of a more resilient brain. So while your son is having fun mastering a new route on the climbing wall, sailing a catamaran, or catching fish, they are also growing into more engaged, confident, and resilient versions of themselves.

The recipe is simple.

The results are remarkable.