Barnard College Pre-College Programs

Sessions: June 30-August 16, 2024

Experience Summer in New York City at Barnard. With distinct programs to choose from, ranging from entrepreneurship to STEM, you have the unique opportunity to explore an area of interest on a deeper level through both in-class discussions and city exploration. As part of the learning experience at Barnard, you will get a taste of both college life and the city that never sleeps!

We offer 5 distinct summer institutes: 

The NextGen Leadership Institute 

The NextGen Institute will allow you to develop trailblazing qualities and push you in new directions as you explore leadership through a feminist lens. 

The Pre-Baccalaureate Program

Join Barnard faculty and students in the classroom and earn college credit through our Pre-Bacc program. For high school juniors and seniors, and gap year students.

The Health and Society Institute

This program takes up current and historical examples to interrogate how the benefits of advances in science and medicine remain unequally shared, while exploring critical tools social scientists have offered as possible interventions.

The Athena Summer Innovation Institute

In this institute, students will work in teams to create a new venture — start-up businesses, non-profit organizations, or advocacy campaigns — that have the power to disrupt traditional ways of doing things and create lasting change.

The Summer Food Institute

Barnard’s 3-Week Sustainable Food and the City introduces students to the U.S food system, examining food production, distribution, consumption, and waste management through four key lenses: agriculture; health, policy and justice; food systems and climate change; and soil health.