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Discover a new Approach to Elementary Education...

...Discover the PROJECT APPROACH.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Rohan Woods School.  Where we take a Project Approach to Education with a focus on engaging academics and leadership development.

Although we have Open Houses scheduled throughout the year, we always take requests for a private tour see the school, please call or email if you would like to visit. We will set up a tour that fits into your busy schedule: 314-821-6270,

Here's a glimpse into the hands-on science approach with our new Observation Honeybee Hive.

Also, you may want to visit us online at to request a free copy of our white paper, "Why Invest in Preschool and Elementary Education?" This Rohan Woods' white paper is based on research conducted by the National Academy of Science  - The Center on the Developing Child and Harvard University's research paper which outlined seven Core Concepts of Development gleaned from the NAS research report.

And, here is a link with some information about the Project Approach we use in the classroom - the link takes you to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders project.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please call or email.  

Rohan Woods Qualities

In addition to the information provided in the white paper, the website and Facebook page will give you a glimpse into our school community and our Project Approach.

Rohan Woods School is small--by mission--just one class per age or grade level. With an 8:1 student/teacher ratio, faculty focuses on personalized instruction and project learning to ensure students positively embrace our challenging curriculum for future success; develop a love of learning and practice the skills to problem solve.  Each adult connected with the school community serves as a passionate conduit for teaching and discovering the qualities of a leader in each student. All of this; blended with project learning, leadership and team development; help each child move from our Early Childhood program, through our elementary and middle school to be a successful and engaged student in secondary school.  

A tour may be scheduled any day for your convenience, and we have OPEN HOUSE dates scheduled (see below).

Email or call: 314-821-6270 if you have any questions.

Open Houses

No upcoming events.

Private tours available upon request.