Barat Academy

Barat Academy is the only private, independent, Catholic high school in St. Louis that offers single gender classes on a co-ed campus. The school is founded in the traditions of Sacred Heart education. The Barat Academy experience includes a strong faith-based environment, a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, and a firm commitment to service. Small class sizes, project and inquiry based learning, one-on-one computing, and a passionate, energetic atmosphere makes Barat Academy a one of a kind school environment. The values of Love, Learn, Serve, Build and Grow create a Learn Life model that helps adolescents become 21st century leaders. Barat Academy is located at 17815 Wild Horse Creek Road in Chesterfield, Missouri along the bluffs overlooking the Spirit of St. Louis airport.

Barat Prep is our 6th-8th middle school. Created out of the same model as Barat Academy, Barat Prep provides students with a child-centered educational program encouraging academic excellence using a innovative teaching methods in a small, caring, faith-based atmosphere.

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